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Pondo the BullThe Nguni Herd Grazing
The colourful and hardy Nguni is the traditional Zulu cattle breed which, over the centuries has been selected by nature to survive and flourish in even the harshest environments, without "interference" or aids of modern man.

The Nguni, whilst still of great spiritual and aesthetic importance to the Zulu nation, has become one of the biggest breeds numerically in South Africa because of it's phenomenal characteristics, such as reproductive efficiency, high resistance to disease, low maintenance requirements, placid temperament, excellent meat quality and, of course, beautiful hide.


A Stud Bull

Our young and growing Nguni herd of pure Nguni animals grazes only on natural veld and fynbos in the hills, valleys and ravines on the farm. We try to manage our Ngunis as close to the traditional ways as possible, with minimal "interference" in their natural behavior patterns or the environment.

Depending on availability, we offer animals from our herd for sale to interested breeders or aspiring breeders.

(We also run a substantial Nguni-cross herd, as a commercial herd)


Hides of the Nguni are sought after locally and internationally because of their beauty, the wide range of colours and patterns available on hides and their versatility in many applications in the interior décor and fashion industries.

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We breed our Ngunis with one of the primary aims being to produce exceptional hides for these industries and for private collectors or homemakers.


A new member of the herdA mother and her calf





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